'Day and Night' Kim Seol-hyun rescues Nam Goong-min who was almost kidnapped... Yoon Sun-woo-Lee Cheong-ah I knew the identity
'Day and Night' Kim Seol-hyun rescues Nam Goong-min who was almost kidnapped... Yoon Sun-woo-Lee Cheong-ah I knew the identity
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Photo = tvN'day and night' broadcast capture
Photo = tvN'day and night' broadcast capture

Seolhyun Kim saved Nam Gungmin.

In the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama'Day and Night', which aired on the 29th, Do Jeong-woo (Nam Goong-min) was drawn from the kidnapping crisis with the help of Gong Hye-won (Kim Seol-hyun).

On this day, Jamie Leighton (Lee Cheong-ah) compared pictures of the victims of the prejudiced murder and found a common point that all were wearing smart watches. Jamie Layton said, "It's a recognition device. It's a smart watch," and Ji-Wan Jang (Lee Shin-young) said that if the victims had the same watch, the police would have known it.

However, Yoon Seok-pil (Choi Choi) checked the list of evidences and was confused, saying, "There are no watches in the evidence list." Jamie Leighton explained, "I don't know, because I don't have it. I don't know if someone hacked into the police's internal network because they were afraid of a clue coming out of the clock." Jamie Layton, Ji-wan Jang, and Seok-pil Yoon immediately looked at the evidence and found a smart watch.

In particular, Do Jung-woo learned that a welfare center was carrying out a secret experiment with the children. Do Jeong-woo visited Lee Taek-jo (Baek Ji-won) to find the location of the secret laboratory and proposed a deal.

Do Jeong-woo handed over a large amount of money, and Lee Taek-jo accused him, saying, "What money is this?" Do Jung-woo confessed, "Proposal for a transaction. Remember the serial bank robbery. That's why the truck turned over. That's the money."

Lee Taek-jo asked, "Are you sure you were the designer at that time?", and Do Jung-woo said, "It's money that cannot be traced, so I want our manager to take it over. Don't take any burden. You like money. Wasn't it a minute?"

Do Jeong-woo said, "It's related to the White Night Village incident. All you have to do is arrange police personnel to monitor what's going on. When it's over, we'll take care of it one more time."

Moon Jae-woong (Yun Sun-woo) knew that Jamie Layton met 112 times in White Night Village, and Jamie Layton also noticed Moon’s identity.

Gong Hye-won saved Do Jung-woo, who was kidnapped. Do Jung-woo regained consciousness belatedly, pointed a gun at those who were trying to capture Gong Hye-won, and said, "The first step is fear," raising the tension in the play.

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